1st Draft Hangover

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Honestly…I feel a bit lost! My every waking thought for the past few weeks have been about Flick and her story, now it’s on a screen instead of rattling around in my head.

Its probably unrelated but I’ve had a headache since I finished it…to be fair it was an emotional ending and having lived with the characters in my head for so long it was bound to have an effect.

Friends in the Writing Community in Twitter were generally of the opinion to keep the first draft to themselves, which I definitely agree with. HOWEVER I’m going to take a break before editing, just a mini one. With that in mind my wife has agreed to give my first draft a read and provide some feedback.

Its a strange feeling allowing someone – even someone you love and who loves you – to read your raw emotions and ramblings and actually critique you on them. My fingers are crossed that she enjoys the story and can see past the “word vom” as she so eloquently puts it.

Once I have my feedback I shall make another post, probably through tears and stating my regret.

You do you ✌🏻

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