Our Daffodil Dancing in the Wind


Another year floats by

And the scar remains

Sure the wound has closed

The shock has subsided

But the pain will not dull

We think about you all the time

We talk about you often

To each robin we see

We extend our greetings

It’s as though you are here bedsides us

There’s comfort in that

But the tears still won’t dry

Our daughter talks about you too

Though you didn’t get to meet her

“Nanny Dot in the sky”

Who loves her liquorice allsorts

You would be so proud of her

I hope you’re proud of us too

We love you

We miss you

Our daffodil dancing in the wind

3 comments on “Our Daffodil Dancing in the Wind”

  1. That’s beautiful! Sorry for the loss of your mum! It’s never easy, however old you are! Lovely to keep her memory alive! I never met my Dad’s mum, but I’ve heard so many lovely things about here. It makes me feel close to her, like I actually knew her. Interested to read your other work on here. Just felt I wanted to comment on this one first. Take it easy.😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for clarifying.😄 I thought you were refering to ‘Nan’ from what your daughter’s perspective. Still, a sad loss. She must have meant a lot to you.
        All the best, H.G


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