Flick and the Beta Readers

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So finding beta readers for my latest WIP is proving difficult…more so than anticipated.

My wonderful wife did the alpha read for me and she loved it! So that’s something.

Having said the above, my friend from my old job wanted to beta read for me and she has an English Lit degree so that good news. I also have a new connection on twitter who is just starting out as a professional beta reader/editor so has offered to beta read for me, free of charge!

There are some lovely people about, few and far between but definitely out there! So watch this space for more updates on the upcoming YA story about Flick. For now I’ll leave you with the below synopsis.

You do you ✌🏻

Flick would describe her life as “mundane” right up until the death of her Dad. Now a bully is zoning in on her vulnerability and a family friend is spiralling. 

Flick is desperate to help those she cares for, but she stretches herself too thin. Some unexpected new relationships help to guide her, but also threaten her safety. 

Journey with Flick as she fights with herself, her friends and her enemies all whilst mourning her Dad.

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