Bespoke Poems

A bespoke poem created especially for you.

Are you struggling to find that perfect present for a loved one? Have you been asked to perform a reading at a wedding? Do you need to find the words to ask that special person to marry you? Look no further! You’re a simple questionnaire away from a poem or reading that will bring a smile to a face or a tear to an eye.

Follow the below link and answer 10 easy questions about you, your subject and your desired poem.

Consider the length of the poem you would like; whether it be a short poem for a wedding invitation or a long reading at a family affair. Any can be catered for but of course the length can determine the time span for completion. Examples (with personal details changed) are below.

Please message me if you have any questions.

Let me find the words for you.

Her are some examples of poems I have tailored.

Please note these are altered from the original poems as I wanted to keep the originals between the customer and to whom they were gifting.


30th Wedding Anniversary

40th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary

A Friend’s Wedding


A Love Renewed