Husband to a wonderful wife and father to a beautiful daughter.

I was born in Dunfermline, Scotland to two brummies. Brought up in Tamworth, a small town far from the sea. Proud to live in Tamworth, Ancient Capital of Mercia!

Proud nerd with many hobbies such as photography, Lego, Pokemon, poetry, reading and of course writing. My dream is to be able to write full time and provide for my family doing something I love.

I have a published short story called The Mask Made of Bone which is split into three even shorter stories. I was out of my comfort zone when I wrote this thriller/horror book but ultimately I’m proud of it.

Currently working on my first (full length) novel with a working title. It’s been in progress for circa five years now and has been rewritten many times. It’s a high fantasy story involving crossing worlds, boundaries and family ties.

Thank you for visiting, I sincerely hope I get to know some of you.